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Chebi: My fluffy 2 — START OF FILMING

03 June 2024

Filming of the family blockbuster Chebi: My fluffy friend, a project of Yellow, Black and White, the online cinema START, the Russia TV channel, with the participation of the Soyuzmultfilm film studio, with the support of the Cinema Foundation, has begun in Moscow. The film's distributor is the Central Partnership Film Company (part of Gazprom-Media).

Vitaly Shlyappo, co-writer of the script, general producer of Yellow, Black and White:

"When we shot the first film, we felt a huge responsibility. Continuing is a new challenge, but we did our best: we retained the entire team that created the project and did not lose a single person. All the artists are with us, besides new ones have been added, the same screenwriters, artists and the same director are with us. There are many, many new adventures waiting for us.
In the new film Cheburashka has grown up a little bit: not externally, but internally. He already feels like an adult and independent, does not always listen to the Gena and believes that he is able to make his own decisions. Gena doesn't really agree with this, so at some point they quarrel. Cheburashka, along with Sonya and Grisha, run away from adults on a hike in the mountains. This hike is one of the most colorful and striking elements of the painting. There they meet a new character, which you will learn about very soon."

Dmitry Dyachenko, director:

"The filming of the second part of our favorite Cheburashka project has begun! In my opinion, the continuation scenario turned out to be sharper, funnier and more interesting than the first part.

We continue to develop the storylines of the young heroes of the film. Cheburashka grows up and thinks that he can already make decisions on his own. Sonya, Rimma's granddaughter, is still a wayward, eternally dissatisfied girl, trying to clarify the relationship with her grandmother. And little Grisha, Gena's grandson, also has a complicated relationship with his parents.

In the new Cheburashka, we maintain continuity and continue to talk about the family and the difficulties that exist in every home. We like to talk about it in a funny, vivid way.

For a small viewer, this is still a fun and cheerful project with a lot of adventures, unexpected circumstances and incredibly beautiful scenery. So wait for the release of this wonderful movie!"


Chebi's story continues! Cheburashka has been living with Gena for a year now. The earwig grows up, and friends often have disagreements. Cheburashka, like any growing up child, begins to show excessive independence and hooliganism, and Gena tries to educate him.

Things only get worse when the characters find out that Gena's house wants to be demolished for the construction of an amusement park. Will friends be able to learn to listen to each other and save their home from destruction?

In the cinema from January 1, 2026!