About us

Yellow, Black and White is a leading film studio headquartered in Moscow, responsible for producing numerous box office hits and a broad range of entertaining films across all genres.  
The main focus of the company is film production — comedy, drama, action and thriller. The company's activities span the entire content value chain with additional expertise in licensing, video, VOD distribution, theatrical releases, marketing support and international sales.   
The highest-grossing Russian movie - the comedy "Son of a Rich" produced by Yellow, Black and White - hits a new top in its' impressive track record with a series of deals to remake the movie in 7 countries. Among those - a new deal to produce remakes in Mexico, India, South Korea, Japan and Spain with Sony Pictures. 
Yellow, Black and White exclusively manages all format rights to its productions, supporting a growing global footprint. In 2017 the producers behind Yellow, Black and White co-founded a subscription-based streaming service START.