The Last Warior 3

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  • Genre
    fantasy adventure
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Ivan finally got a warrior’s strength. Evil magician Rogoleb was defeated. The whole Belogorie is preparing for a great feast: Ivan and Vasilisa are going to get married. And they have the same problems as normal couples have. What wedding dress to choose? Do they need ordinary or magical rings? Will the baba yaga’s cabin on chicken legs be a good choice for a honeymoon vehicle? In the middle of the preparations to the wedding the evil powers appear again: Vasilisa is kidnapped by mysterious Blac Knight. Following her tracks Ivan and his friends get into our world, today’s Moscow. The inhabitants of Belogorie consider the city a magical world - where people travel in strange chariots, talk to thin plates and cannot tell real magic from kid’s toys. But it turns out that some heroes from the old fairy tales live comfortably next to ordinary people in the modern world and they can help Ivan to achieve a final victory over the ancient Darkness.

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