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"DECEMBER" - new feature film

26 January 2021
Yellow, Black and White have started production on a thriller film under the working title December, which depicts the last days of the great Russian poet, Sergei Esenin.
The film is written and directed by Klim Shipenko (Son of a RichText,).
Having prepared an escape plan for Sergei Esenin, the famous dancer Isadora Duncan arrives from Germany to the USSR. All Esenin must do to flee the country is board a train to Riga. The poet leaves Moscow for snow-covered Leningrad, where he finds himself thrust into a mad whirlwind of events. He rushes to his beloved, trying to reach her whilst overcoming the endless obstacles that sprout in his path. 
Shooting is taking place in Moscow and St. Petersburg.
Eduard Illoyan, Producer, Yellow, Black and White:
"Following the unprecedented success of Son of a Rich and Text, we are happy to announce yet another collaboration with Klim Shipenko. 
December is an epic endeavor! We are facing a tremendous task: replicating the year 1925. Contemporary Moscow and St. Petersburg don’t have many locations that still maintain the spirit of that era, so we will have to recreate almost all of it by building period interiors, the streets of St. Petersburg, and even the Angleterre Hotel. CGI will also play a special role in this film production. I am sure that the audience will be blown away by the sheer scale and beauty of December".