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DEADLINE informs: ‘The Challenge’: Russia’s Klim Shipenko & Yuliya Peresild Talk Shooting First Film In Space – “It’s A Four-Dimensional World Up There”

05 November 2021
Last month Russian director Klim Shipenko and actor Yuliya Peresild became the first ever film crew to boldly go into outer space to shoot scenes for their upcoming project The Challenge. The duo blasted off to the International Space Station in a Russian Soyuz on October 5 along with Russian cosmonaut Anton Shkaplerov where they filmed more than 30 hours of footage across 12 days before returning to Earth on October 17.

Shortly after their return to Earth, Shipenko, who most recently directed Russian historical space drama Salyut-7, and Peresild, who starred in Cannes-competition entry Petrov’s Flu, spoke with Deadline in an exclusive first interview about their experience shooting a feature film in this new frontier.

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