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Yellow, Black and White at American Film Market

09 November 2020

Yellow, Black and White presents the historical saga "The Conquest of Siberia" and screens the first episode of the series at the American Film Market (AFM). 

The series is an extended version of the feature film with the same title "The Conquest of Siberia", which had its theatrical release in Russia last year. The TV premiere took place on channel One and was a great success. The share of TV viewing of the first episode amongst the audience of ALL 18+ was 17.6%. Every fifth TV viewer watched "The Conquest of Siberia". 

This epic historical saga is set in the 17th Century, when Peter the Great expanded the Russian Empire all the way to Asia, including the melting pot of Siberia, a region where vast riches and great misery were often intertwined. The conquering army consisted of a motley crew of prisoners, volunteers, and others – including Swedes, Bokharan merchants, convicts, Chinese smugglers, Shamans, Missionaries, Dissenters, Outlanders and warlike Dzungars. 

This is a sweeping epic of passion, politics, glory and gore, with dramatic battles and sieges that characterised the conquest of Siberia.‚Äč

At AFM Yellow, Black and White plans to find partners and key distributors for its premium content in the US.