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"The Container" - new drama series. From the director of "257 Reasons to Live"

16 December 2020

Yellow, Black and White is filming a new drama series "The Container", a story of a 27-year-old girl Sasha, who is trying to make money for a new life by becoming a surrogate mother. 

Contrary to the general practice, Sasha (Oksana Akinshina) moves into the house of customers for the duration of her pregnancy. The girl finds herself in a different world, in the house of a rich official Vadim and his wife Marina. For them, Sasha is merely a "container", a new Toy. What was initially presented as a safe solution and care for the future child, turns out to be a test for each of the inhabitants of the house. Behind the luxurious facade of the elite village hide unsightly secrets. Sasha also has a secret of her own. 

The new drama series is being developed by the creators of one of the most successful in Russia and internationally acknowledged dramedy series 257 Reasons to Live, a 2020 Rose D'Or Finalist, and the Winner of the Best Performance Award at the 2020 Canneseries.

"257 Reasons to Live" is distributed by Beta Film.